• Against the wind and snow

    Against the wind and snow

    With the arrival of the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year, many customers required that the street lights which Tianxu Lighting Group provided should be turned on before the Spring Festival. How to ensure the quality, meet the deadline, and give customers a satisfactory...
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  • Think for customers, get from customers

    Think for customers, get from customers

    With the surging in the number of workers infected with the COVID-19 in our company which specializes in outdoor lights such as solar street lights, LED street lights, high mast lights and traffic lights, the company’s productions were seriously affected. Many orders could not be delivered ...
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  • The installation of high mast lights

    High mast lights are one of the main products made from Tianxu Lighting Group, which specializes in outdoor lights such as solar street lights, LED street lights, high mast lights and traffic lights. This is the pictures of our construction site in Lianyungang city, Jiangsu province. We are rich ...
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  • 1500W LED floodlights

    After nearly six months of hard work by the Technical Department, Tianxu Lighting Group, a supplier of solar street lights, LED street lights, landscape lights and traffic lights, has successfully developed a high-efficiency, low-maintenance, durable 1500W LED floodlight...
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  • Concern for society

    Concern for society

    Mr. Chi, vice president from Tianxu Lighting Grop Co.,Ltd which specializes in solar street lights, LED street lights and high mast ligts, is one of the volunteering members of Gaoyou Sunrain Volunteer Society. Under the high temperature of 38 ℃, Mr. Chi led volunteers to convey greetings to the ...
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  • Complete tasks without compromise

    Complete tasks without compromise

    The temperature this year is significantly higher than it in previous years. In July, the temperature is almost above 35 ℃. Although the temperature is high, the customer’s construction period is fixed. Our company sent technical backbones for guidance, and all the installation personnel wo...
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  • War against high temperature to ensure the date of delivery

    War against high temperature to ensure the date of delivery

    Since June, the temperature has been above 35°C, and the temperature in the workshop has exceeded 40°C. At such condition, not to mention electric welding, even standing in the workshop is sweaty. However, the customer’s delivery date has been determined. For this reason, all the staff of t...
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  • Setting steps of solar street light control

    1. First, connect the lines of each component well, pay attention to checking whether there is a reverse connection to prevent short circuit, and after the inspection is correct, put the solar street light controller power on. 2. Press...
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  • Teamwork culture

    Teamwork activity at Tianxu Lighting Group Co.,Ltd has been an excellent strategy to build up the culture, trust and commitment. Tianxu Lighting recently organized a dynamic team building activity on May 4, Youth Day, where a number of employees bonded and engaged through a friendly basketball ga...
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  • Analysis of LED light source

    LED light boasts of the efficiency of 50-200 lumens / watt, narrow spectrum, good monochromaticity, low voltage, low current, high brightness characteristics. LED is 80%-90% more energy efficient than traditional light sources. Light colors includes white, red, yellow, blue, green, yellow-green, ...
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  • Special procedures for special-shaped lamps and lighting poles

    With special requirements of the lighting fixtures for customers, the group company formulates the following steps: 1. According to the product pictures and requirements provided by the customer, the technical department of the company designed the corresponding drawings. 2. According to the draw...
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  • Strengthen product quality and enhance company reputation

    Tianxu Group Co., Ltd. strictly controls the quality of each product. From blanking to finished products, we adhered to the concept of “quality is the lifeline of the company”, taking the convenience of customers as the criterion. In the production process, attention is paid to every ...
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